You are a collection of molecules, a system of organs, which are allowed to interact with other system collections and molecule organizations. We can affect change in our environment by constructing and rearranging and oscillating, at the level where collections are measured in meters, atoms, or electrons. By processing and rearranging molecules into different molecules, you are allowed to exist.

We learn through experimentation. We attempt to affect change on our environment through thought, action, and then, analysis. We utilize technology, tools forged from human thought, to more effectively manipulate and understand the environment in which we are allowed to exist.

By viewing this message across a network of metal and glass, you are manipulating your environment at the electron and photon level. You are tapping into an imperceptible oscillation of the air around you. You are utilizing the movement of many particles across vast distances to deliver information. You are leveraging your environment to give you knowledge.

Welcome to your environment, Human.