Projects I have contributed to:

  • Workbar (site)

  • Horizon (site) - LaunchAcademy’s learning platform

  • Ruby Playground (github) - Open-source programming exercises

  • DOOM High-Res Texture Project (github)

  • GitHub Battle (site) (github) - Compare useless code stats. (tutorial from here)

  • LaunchVotes (site) (github) - Launch Academy students nominate and vote on weekly awards.

Projects I have created:

  • ActiveRecord Naming Challenge (site) (github) - Test your ability to adhere to ActiveRecord naming conventions.

  • What’s For Lunch? (site) (github) - Don’t know where to go? Let the app decide.

  • Recipe Box (site) - I made an index card in CSS. I wouldn’t trust any of these recipes, though.

  • Seizure Roulette (site) (github) - My tribute to Cache Monet