What is “my style”?

I’m chill. I try not to panic. I’ll often imagine the worst case scenario for any given situation so that I can plan for it. I have a daily “human interaction time limit” that I sometimes hit. If I seem irritable, I apologize. I probably need to take a break, take a walk, and recharge.

What do I value?

I value open-mindedness, collaboration, honest feedback, positive thinking (the pygmalion effect is reality), sharing knowledge, and being kind.

What don’t I have patience for?

I don’t have patience for ignorance shaming, pretension, or judgmental points-of-view.

How can you communicate best with me?

Email and Slack are great for asynchronous communication. I enjoy having the illusion of control over my schedule, so if you want to talk for more than a few minutes, let’s schedule a time to chat. My work calendar is typically up-to-date, and I know of some good spots to grab coffee.

“Headphones on” means I’m “heads-down working.” I probably don’t want to talk about my weekend, right now. However, if you have something urgent and important that needs my immediate attention, please interrupt me.

How can you help me?

Help me to see the alternatives. I’m sure I have not considered every possibility. How does the situation look from your perspective? Help me to see the desired outcomes and your current concerns.

What do people misunderstand about me?

People often think I’m angry when I’m simply in a mode of quiet contemplation. I’m an introvert. I live quite a bit in my own brain. It might take me a moment to organize my thoughts when I’m verbally expressing what I’m thinking, so, apologies for the awkward pauses when I speak.